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Bethany is a Studio Coordinator and Marketing Manager at VERDE. She has been working in the design and marketing industry since 2015. She has cultivated a personal yoga practice for over 4 years, and enjoys encouraging others to slow down the fast pace of life, and provide themselves with well deserved self-care. Whether it's feeling revitalized after a workout, or relaxed after a massage, or rejuvenating the mind/body connection from yoga, "I really find so much joy in helping others get the most out of their visit with us”. In her free time, Bethany enjoys reading and learning interesting facts about ancient history, serenading her two cats, helping gaggles of geese cross a busy street, she loves animals and the environment, and she makes a really mean panini! 


Certifications: CPR/First-Aid/AED Certified

Bethany has been part of the VERDE Team since August 2022.

“Being part of the VERDE team and community really brings out the best in me, both personally and professionally! Walking into the studio makes me feel like I'm coming home, and the team real” 

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