Coach Cara is a personal trainer at VERDE. Cara has just newly embarked on her career as a personal trainer, though her love for fitness is long standing as she has been training personally for over a decade, has worked in the fitness industry for 7 years, and has had a true passion for fitness since childhood. “My greatest passion when it comes to being a personal trainer is helping people reach their goals, finding true human connection through working out with others, and celebrating all of the wins along the way - big or small.” In her free time, Coach Cara enjoys staying active, reading anything fitness related, lounging in a hammock, paddle boarding, doting on her cherished bengals, and spending time with her husband Ross.


Personal Training Specialties:  Biomechanics Oriented Functional Training, Glute Training

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer NASM,Brig Biomechanics Certified, Certified Online Trainer OTA, CPR/AED Certified

Cara has been part of the VERDE Team since August 2021.

“The genuine kindness you receive from everyone at VERDE is infectious, I love the family vibe that has been created. Everyone is truly welcoming and supports one another!”