To Our VERDE Community,


Supporting the health and well being of our community has always been the core mission of our business. At VERDE safety and health always come first. We are making sure that our team is empowered with the knowledge and training to continue providing quality services while meeting our enhanced health and safety protocols. Whereas most of our meticulous cleaning and sanitizing practices are much the same as before, here is what you can expect in additional measures at the studio as we re-open:



  • Staff are required to wear protective face coverings during their work shift in certain areas. Fully vaccinated staff are able to remove their masks when social distancing is possible in the reception and fitness studio area. 

  • Per CDC guidelines, we are allowing clients who are fully vaccinated to remove their masks in the reception area and also while participating in services in the fitness studio (personal training, yoga, vip open gym). 

  • Staff will have the option to wear gloves, and certain jobs will require the use of protective gloves. 

  • We are asking all customers/clients to wear a protective face mask or cloth face covering upon entry of the studio and in the reception and waiting areas, unless fully vaccinated. We have Verde custom ear-loop cloth face masks available for purchase for $12 at the front desk. We’re requesting everyone to have mask on them while in the studio to safeguard the health of our entire community of client and staff, to stay healthy and stop the spread. 

  • Plexiglass shields are installed at our reception desk.

  • We are asking that all staff and clients maintain 6 feet of distance at all times while in the studio. 

  • Clients who arrive and are showing signs of illness or have a temperature of 100.4 or higher upon arrival will be asked to return home and not receive services until health is clear. 

  • We are requiring all clients who have travelled out of their local community, outside of their household "bubble" in a larger group setting without COVID testing or health screenings, or traveled on a plane to quarantine for at least 2 weeks before receiving services at VERDE, if they are not fully vaccinated. If the client is fully vaccinated, no quarantine period is required to participate in services after travel. 

  • We are requesting that clients monitor their health at home. If any client is feeling unwell, has a temperature 100.4 or higher, has symptoms of COVID-19, or has been around anyone who is sick, we are strongly requesting that they do not come into the studio for any services for at least 14 consecutive days of being clear of any symptoms, or a negative COVID test. Our team with work on getting clients rescheduled, and will accommodate extending package expirations and will waive any late cancellation fees associated with illness related appointment cancellations. 

  • We are requiring all  staff members and clients who are receiving services to complete an updated health and safety waiver, which includes a VERDE health pledge to practice health and safety measures outside of the studio to safeguard the health of our entire community. 

  • We are requiring all clients to sanitize hands upon entry at time of temperature check and health screening.

  • We are requiring all clients to meet our health and safety standards (in-person and written questionnaire) upon entry to participate in any services. Any clients who arrive and do not clear our health and safety questionnaire will not be permitted to participate in services at the present time, and will be subject to forfeit their prepaid session without guarantee of refund. 

  • We are requiring all clients to answer "no" to the following health screening questions, to be cleared for participation approval in all of our services: 

    • In the past 2 weeks:

      • Have you had a cough?

      • Have you had a fever?

      • Have you travelled outside of your local community or on a plane, if you are not fully vaccinated?

      • Have you been around anyone who has been sick or has been diagnoses with COVID-19?



  • In addition to our regular daily cleaning procedures, we are adding frequent cleanings of high-touch surface areas.

  • We’ve placed EPA registered medical grade disinfecting wipes through the studio, for quick disinfecting access for both staff and client use.  

  • We’ve placed hand sanitizer in each room throughout the studio, for quick hand sanitization access for both staff and client use. 



  • We’re limiting the number of personal training clients in the studio to 25% capacity, within our 2,000 square foot fitness/yoga room.

  • We are providing ample outside air ventilation by opening our exterior studio doors (all located in the training space) including the door to reception creating constant fresh air-flow.

  • We have placed 2 high capacity medical grade air purifiers in the training studio to increase air purification and air flow.

  • We provide disposable masks for any customers who choose to use them during training sessions.



  • We are UV sterilizing each treatment room in between sessions with a high-powered medical grade UV sterilization lamp.  

  • We are requiring all massage clients to have an ear-loop mask or cloth face covering during their massage, while face up.

  • We have created a disposable cloth barrier on the massage face cradles while clients lay face down, allowing clients to pull their mask down while in the face-down while still creating a 2-ply barrier between the air and client's mouth and nose. 

  • As always, our therapists practice meticulous hand washing in between each client, and are available to wear protective gloves in sessions upon client request. 

  • We are following all WA DOH, OSHA and WA State safety, cleaning and sanitization guidelines for massage therapy within our spa.  



  • We’ve reduced staff schedule & total number of team members to 25% capacity during all operating business hours.

  • Massage therapists are required to wear protective face coverings and protective aprons for each session, in accordance with WA Department Of Health regulations and guidelines. 

  • We’ve provided temperature check devices at the front desk and throughout the studio, and are requiring staff to check their temperature at the beginning and periodically throughout their shift. If any staff members that begins to display symptoms of illness or fever of 100.4 or higher, they will be required to go home. 

  • Our staff is conducting at-home monitoring for COVID symptoms, and will require them to stay home if they are feeling unwell. 


We will continue to closely monitor guidance from national, state and local authorities to ensure we are operating safely and within compliance. As our team continues our commitment to your wellness, we thank you and truly appreciate your participation in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our entire community.