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Coach Kristin is a personal trainer at VERDE. She has held a career in the fitness industry for 12 years, and has had her Bachelor of Science Degree since 2011 from Western Washington University. She is passionate about helping her clients get mobility back in their life, to be able to do what they love most and live their most fulfilling life. “Motivation is a huge part of this job and I am here to help my clients strive to be the absolute best version of themselves”. In her free time, Coach Kristen enjoys snowboarding, country split boarding, connecting with nature in the mountains and finding those mountain peaks not many get to experience. 

PERSONAL TRAINING SPECIALTIES: TRX Suspension Training, TRX Sports Medicine, TRX Rip Trainer

CERTIFICATIONS: National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS), Bachelor of Science Degree; Kinesiology Movement Studies, Certified in Senior Services

Kristin has been part of the VERDE Team since July 2022.

 “I don’t ever walk through the doors of VERDE without seeing so many smiles on everyone's faces because it’s a place where people come together to push themselves!” 

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