VERDE Organic Body offers multiple Personal Training Package options! 

Here is what you need to know about all of our Packages!

How Do the VERDE Personal Training Packages work?

A client purchases a package of sessions (4 pack or 3 month package) and they are then scheduled out for as many sessions as have been purchased.  This allows for the client to have a prepaid session to cover any cancellation fees in the event of a missed session.  With the 3 month packages, each client is allowed 2 FREE reschedules per month.


How do I schedule my Personal Training Sessions?

At VERDE, we allow a client to schedule out for as many sessions that they have purchased.  This means that if you have a 3 month package, we will schedule you out for 3 months worth of sessions, if you purchase a 4 pack you get scheduled for 4 sessions at a time, and with individual sessions, we will schedule you out for one session at a time.


What is the difference between 4 packs and 3 month packages?

At VERDE, we can only schedule you out for as many sessions that have been pre-purchased.  This means that with a 4 pack, we cannot hold your session time past 4 visits at a time, while with 3 month packages, we will hold your ideal time for 3 months.  Also, with the 3 month packages, you receive 2 free reschedules per month.  The price per session varies as well, where the 4 pack sessions are $64 per session and the 3 month packages are $59 per session. 


How do Personal Training Introductory promotions work?

A client may purchase a 3 month package for their first package for Personal Training at VERDE.  If they do, they may receive additional service vouchers added to their account at time of purchase.  These vouchers expire at the end of the 3 months unless stated otherwise.  We do allow clients to take advantage of the intro rate if they have purchased one 4-pack previously.

What is Happy Hour Personal Training?

Happy Hour Personal Training takes place Monday-Friday from 11:00 am to 3:00pm.  During this time, we offer 30 minute sessions for $35 per session (or you can purchase a 4 pack for $105) before tax.  


How long will my Sessions stay on my account?

The amount of time that a clients Personal training Sessions stay on the account depends on which package was purchased.  If a client purchased a 3 month package, they have 4 months to use the sessions, and a 4 pack is designed to be used within 30 days.


What are my 3 month Package Options?

At VERDE, we offer three 3 month package options.  The 12 pack is designed for one session per week, the 24 pack is designed for 2 sessions per week and the 36 pack is designed for 3 sessions per week!  These sessions bring the cost to $59 per session.  Here are the rates:

12 Pack — $708 + tax
24 Pack — $1,416 + tax

36 Pack — $2,124 + tax


What are my 4-Pack Package Options?

At VERDE, we offer 4 packs of the 60 minute sessions and of the 30 minute Happy Hour Sessions.  The 60 minute sessions are priced at $64 per session, and the 30min sessions are priced at $26.25 per session.  These are the rates:

4 Pack 60min — $256 + tax

4 Pack 30min — $105 + tax