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Coach Isaiah or "Coach Zeke" is a personal trainer at VERDE. He began his career as a personal trainer back in 2018 at VERDE, he took a hiatus to further his education and knowledge - graduating with his Associates Degree and then his bachelors in 2022! Zeke is most passionate about helping his clients achieve their goals, and live their healthiest lives “When I help my clients achieve their goals, it doesn’t matter how big or small they may be, I find it so rewarding!”. When Coach Zeke isn’t in the gym, he enjoys a good hike, vibing to some tunes, hanging out with his friends, and enjoying anime/comics!


PERSONAL TRAINING SPECIALTIES: Sport Specific Training, Experience working with Division One Athletes, HIIT


CERTIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science - with an emphasis on health and human performance, Associates Degree of Science, ISSA CPT, Former Collegiate Athlete

Zeke has been part of the VERDE Team since October 2018.

 “I love the cohesive feeling within the VERDE team! I have had various clients remember me from before I went away to college in 2018, and are happy to have me back as part of the community! It really makes me feel like I'm making a difference in people's lives!” 

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